IMG_20160315_085824145_HDROur mission is to bring together resources to protect and restore the Jessie St. Marsh, a remnant tidal marsh in the Lower Ocean Neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

According to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, California has lost 90% of its original coastal wetlands, and many of the remaining wetlands are in danger of being further degraded or destroyed. The Jessie St. Marsh is one of these threatened wetlands.

By implementing the Jessie St. Marsh Management plan,which has already been approved by the City and Coastal Commission, we can create a beautiful community wetland park in our neighborhood.

The Marsh Management plan will

  • Build defined paths and viewing area
  • Install interpretive signs to educate visitors about Marsh habitat
  • Move water channel away from houses on Jessie St
  • Remove fill & restore water flow to reduce flooding
  • Create native plant garden
  • Provide protected islands for bird nesting and frogs

Restoring the Marsh as a wetland will:

  • Reduce flooding & protect against sea level rise
  • Absorb and clean flood water
  • Reduce illegal activities